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Our online boutique carries essentials for your posh wee ones! Couture apparrel & accessories, shower gifts for mommies-to-be! Nursery decor with unparalleled style. No matter what the occasion you'll be sure to find something you love! Not only does Sophie Grace Couture specialize in luxuries for you & your little one, but we are proud to offer Signature Event Planning, let us help you plan the perfect event; baby showers, birthdays, christenings no matter the event, we are sure to create unforgettable memories!

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Little Luxuries

Chewbeads Necklaces
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Sophie Grace Couture proudly carries Chewbeads

Chewbeads Teething Necklaces

fashionable teething jewelry made with 100% silicone(similar to pacifiers & nipples). Soft on babies gums & emerging teeth, no BPA, PVC, phthalates, cadmium, or lead. Easily cleaned with dish soap & water, also dishwasher safe. Necklace has a breakaway clasp for added safety. Necklaces are a great sensory tool to help babies focus while nursing, bracelets are colorful reminders for which side you’ve just nursed.

  Chewbeads breakaway clasp   

*No BPA, PVC, pphthalates, lead, cadmium, or heavy metals. No detachable parts* breakaway clasp for added safety. Chewbeads, are intended to be worn by adults, are not a toy and are not intended to be worn by children. Chewbeads have been thoroughly tested by Specialized Technology Resources, Inc. ( to assure that they will not break apart or detach in a baby's mouth, & that they are non-toxic, however, with all jewelry, chewbeads should not be left with any baby unattended. *Chewbeads pass the physical & mechanical tests of the most stringent requirements of ASTM F963-08 (4.61, 4.7, 4.9) and CFR 16 (1501, 1500.49, and 1500.48)


Due to the high demand for this product shipping times may vary depending on style and color. Please let us know if this is a rush order. In stock items are available for immediate ship. Other wise all chewbeads will ship in approximately 1-2 weeks. 

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Jane Teething Necklace-Cobalt Blue-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Cobalt Blue
Jane Teething Necklace-Cobalt Blue
Jane Teething Necklace-Black-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Black
Jane Teething Necklace-Black
Jane Teething Necklace-Chartreuse-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Chartreuse
Jane Teething Necklace-Chartreuse
Jane Teething Necklace-Deep Sea Blue-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Deep Sea Blue
Jane Teething Necklace-Deep Sea Blue
Jane Teething Necklace-Ivory-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Ivory
Jane Teething Necklace-Ivory
Jane Teething Necklace-Military Olive-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Military Olive
Jane Teething Necklace-Military Olive
Jane Teething Necklace-Spiced Wine-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Spiced Wine
Jane Teething Necklace-Spiced Wine
Jane Teething Necklace-Stormy Grey-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Stormy Grey
Jane Teething Necklace-Stormy Grey
Jane Teething Necklace-Turquoise-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Turquoise
Jane Teething Necklace-Turquoise
Jane Teething Necklace-Violet-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Violet
Jane Teething Necklace-Violet
Jane Teething Necklace-Yellow-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Yellow
Jane Teething Necklace-Yellow
Jane Teething Necklace-Cherry Red-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Cherry Red
Jane Teething Necklace-Cherry Red
Jane Teething Necklace-Pink-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Pink
Jane Teething Necklace-Pink
Out of Stock
Jane Teething Necklace-Kelly Green-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Emerald
Jane Teething Necklace-Kelly Green
Jane Teething Necklace-White-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,White
Jane Teething Necklace-White
Jane Teething Necklace-Creamsicle-Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Creamsicle
Jane Teething Necklace-Creamsicle
Hudson Teething Necklace-Turquoise-Chewbeads Hudson Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Turquoise
Hudson Teething Necklace-Turquoise
Hudson Teething Necklace-Stormy Grey-Chewbeads Hudson Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Stormy Grey
Hudson Teething Necklace-Stormy Grey
Hudson Teething Necklace-Black-Chewbeads Hudson Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Black
Hudson Teething Necklace-Black
Hudson Teething Necklace-Ivory-Chewbeads Hudson Teething Necklace,teether,teether necklace,teething necklace,Ivory
Hudson Teething Necklace-Ivory
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